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This subject gets brought up every so often, and has been debated upon constantly in recent months. As an older feline, I feel I should give my opinion on this touchy subject.

Banning awoo has got to be one of the most patently ridiculous ideas I've ever heard. Awoo is chiefly a lupine form of communication, but to ban it, or silence it, is to silence the ancient voice and culture of an entire race. This is not right, this is morally repugnant!

Awoo has been used by lupines and other associated races for millennia. Even before the time of the Great Sentience, awoo has been heard echoing throughout the forests, hills, and mountains of the land. It was a call to action, to ready the hunt, to warn outsiders, to keep the pack together, an exuberance in celebration, among other more nuanced reasons.

In today's society, other races hear awoo as merely a cacophonous racket; a headache people are better off without. This mindset sets a dangerous precedent for the start of a slippery slope. If awoo is banned, then what's next? Banning roar? Banning meow? Banning trumpet? Banning chirp or caw? Banning whalesong? If one form of ancient communication can be silenced, then what is there to stop other forms of communication that are deemed to be outmoded, outdated, or simply annoying in today's world to be silenced?

Awoo should be considered as an intangible cultural heritage to the lupine (and associated) races, like flight is to our avian friends, or the gift of water-breathing is to our piscine friends. To silence a voice is to silence a culture. Who among us would want that to happen to them?


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