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After playing GTA 5 for a while now, I realize I don't have too many jobs I go on, so I waste time by either driving, stealing cars, or stealing cars and driving. I don't have the most impressive fleet of cars at this point, but I have been slightly selective about them.

By far, the most fun I have with cars in the game is with my (nearly) dead stock BF Injection. I stole that car early on in the game, and it's just the perfect car to thrash around if you just don't care. It's made for off-roading. The acceleration is OK, the brakes just about work, it has a truly prodigious amount of understeer (meaning you take corners WIDE at speed), and the styling takes obvious cues from the VW Beetle, so that just warms the cockles of my heart.

I've named him Beefy, for obvious reasons. He was originally painted all over with that orange peel paint, but as I was choosing what colour to respray him, the red secondary colour, strangely enough, looked really good to me. Normally, I have a strong dislike for red, but the combination just worked in matte paint. Here we are in my garage.

Me and Beefy

Also note the companion, clapped-out BF Surfer van to the left. Similarly, it takes cues from the VW Type 2 microbus.

So, GTA 5 players, what's your favourite car in your fleet?


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